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Ventus Core Wallpaper #4 by PhantomSaintKurai
Ventus Core Wallpaper #4
Once again like previously described with my other wallpapers [[link]
Go there to read it I don't feel like Re–typing.

Solo shot of the core

Here are the other interpretations for the Core.
#1 [link]
#2 [link]
#3 [link]
#5 Ventus Core Wallpaper #5

Let me know what you think, should I keep doing these? Or should I stop?
Princesses Sweet Rhyme and Pure Reason by PhantomSaintKurai
Princesses Sweet Rhyme and Pure Reason

~All hail the return of the Princesses Rhyme & Reason~


This is something for my brother as a sort of birthday gift. (Because he introduced me to the book & he loved ponies.)

From the wonderful book of” Phantom Tollbooth”

if you love word-play than the book version of Phantom tollbooth is for you.


In the story there are two Princesses “Princess Sweet Rhyme” & “Princess Pure Reason”, they are two sisters who are very wise & when the kings of Dictionopolis & Digitopolis asked them which one is better than the other.


They said that both words & numbers are important & are equal to each other, the Kings were outraged & banish them to the castle of sky.

Leaving the land in a bit of chaos.



So sometime last year I got jury duty so I bought my sketchpad &” Phantom Tollbooth” with me, waiting to see if I get called decide to read & after reading the back story for the princesses.

A sketch came to my mind so while sitting in the “would-be-juries-room” I drew up Princess Sweet Rhyme the lovely pink alicorn with golden mane.


And then I felt that something should be done, when I got home (did not get picked for jury. \^o^/ ) to do a more fuller sketch of Rhyme & of course her sister Reason.


I had show my brother sketch for Rhyme he actually liked it, so I've been working very hard to finish this for him, at one point I had to stop & think “What should the gem colors be?” “What would he suggest?” (Sorry getting a bit weepy here. T-T)


I hope that I did it justice & that you guys like it as well.


I did use some stock imagery for their crystal/stained-glass effect.

<da:thumb id="270631885">

& <da:thumb id="305156589">

I went as"Ryoji" from Persona 3 & Pike went as "Edward" from Full Metal Alchemist.
We were only there for Saturday but we did get a Few pictures and recorded some stuff, like the midnight shoot for the persona Cos-play photo shoot.

Posted what we can but understand we will have some difficulties do to real life interfering with our Internet projects.
But we will post when we can and will keep releasing AMVs on my channel… .

I just also wanting this time to thank everyone who has been watching, subscribing and favoring are AMVs, Let's Plays, Song adaptations, Artworks, Cos-plays and other such things.

I appreciated all of it & so… My Mother Thanks you, My Father Thanks you, My Sister Thanks you & I Thank you.
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Not a problem, after all I believe there's not enough love out there for this game especially for those two.
Well done <3
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